At Sonoma Bio, we are always looking for ways to expand upon our mission.

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Founded in collaboration

From the beginning, the founders of Sonoma have seen the value of forging partnerships and collaborative efforts. It allows us to harness the power of diverse viewpoints and capabilities to advance our mission faster—and make a difference.

“Do kick-ass science, collaborate like hell, and make a difference.”

— Jeff Bluestone


A balanced approach

We have deep knowledge and experience from research through manufacturing and clinical application. Our approach aims to balance both sides of the immune system: targeting effector T cells to reduce inflammation and engineering regulatory T cells to moderate the body’s ongoing immune response. It’s a complex process that requires expertise in many disciplines: The right partnerships can further expand upon our own capabilities.

Meeting a need

There is a huge unmet medical need. Diseases such as RA, Crohn’s and  ulcerative colitis affect millions of people. Our goal is to not just create better treatments. We aim to cure these diseases with our proprietary process of engineering durable, living therapies.

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Our Partnership with Regeneron

Sonoma is proud to partner with Regeneron to discover, develop and commercialize novel regulatory T cell (Treg) therapies. We are thrilled to collaborate with a like-minded company that is recognized for decades of world-class scientific research. Regeneron is an ideal partner to complement Sonoma’s Treg platform and expertise with their industry-leading VelociSuite® technologies for the discovery and characterization of fully human antibodies and T cell receptors (TCRs). This is a great example of a balanced partnership that complements and builds upon both parties’ expertise and capabilities for the benefit of future patients.

Interested in teaming up to cure autoimmune and inflammatory diseases? We would like to hear from you.