We are driven to cure autoimmune disease.

We’re not content with just making incremental change.

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Transform autoimmune and inflammatory disease through curative therapies that rebalance the immune system.


Design, develop and deliver engineered regulatory T cell (Treg) therapies to cure autoimmune and inflammatory disease and prolong healthy life.


Build the premier engineered Treg cell therapy company that combines the best people with innovative science, development, and manufacturing, and is guided by our commitment to patients.


Driven by Science

We are forging a new path obsessed with robust, innovative, and reproducible science. Scientific rigor motivates our actions with the highest scientific integrity and accuracy. We will celebrate well-executed experiments that both support and disprove our assumptions and learn from both.


We believe that innovation requires the collaboration of many people working together, and the most critical insights can come from anyone in the organization. We will strive to create an environment where all voices are heard. Our collective goals are more important than individual accomplishment. Together we will strive to make the most of our work.


We are proceeding down an uncharted path. We will embrace the unpredictability of our journey and strive to celebrate all its incremental steps. We will build a professional organization that is creative, flexible, and adapts as the future unfolds.

Focused on Cures

We are driven by passion, boldness, accountability, and performance to fundamentally change people’s lives. We believe that transformational science and the development of living therapies can result in cost effective treatments that can cure diseases for patients. We are committed to therapies focused on the needs of patients, their families, and their caregivers.

Committed to Diversity and a Sense of Belonging

We believe that the strength of the company is built on the obligation to create and sustain an environment where everyone feels confident to express themselves freely and authentically. We are committed to diversity, equity, and ensuring that individuals feel valued for their unique contributions.

We are a collaborative team executing on our vision.