Our Science

Restoring balance to the immune system could unlock cures.

Based on decades of research, we’re moving the application of the science forward.

Cell and genetic engineering have already established a new pillar of medicine for the treatment of cancer. In harnessing the power of regulatory T cells (Tregs) that have shown to have multiple therapeutic and tissue-reparative properties, we are engineering a new generation of cell therapies to have enhanced function and the ability to target specific tissues.

Tregs circulating throughout every tissue type act as sentinels that survey the body for unwanted immune attacks and rebalance the immune system. Our best-in-class Treg therapies possess multiple therapeutic effects, within a single medicine, to help overcome the complex and multifaceted nature of autoimmune and inflammatory disease.

Emerging research shows that enhanced Treg cells work directly at the site of inflammation for a durable, lasting response. We are developing Treg therapies that have the potential to deliver long-lasting efficacy and can target tissues with high specificity. This is a paradigm-shifting approach that can transform treatments for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

We are also developing a novel biologic therapy that conditions patients by selectively depleting T effector cells (Teffs). The loss of immune system balance is often caused by uncontrolled inflammation and overactive innate and adaptive immunity, which is correlated with Teff resistance. By addressing both Tregs and Teffs, Sonoma Bio’s complementary approach holds the potential to induce durable immune system balance and transform the way we treat these diseases.

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Research Programs

We are advancing the science and our approach through the following programs.


A novel regulatory T cell-based therapy in development for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and hidradenitis suppurativa.

An autologous (using the patient’s own cells) Treg cell therapy to target proteins in the inflamed, disease-associated tissue, with the aim to dampen inflammation and restore balance to the immune system.

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Regeneron-Partnered Programs

Engineered regulatory T cell-based therapeutics for patients with IBD and other diseases.

In partnership with:

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Includes programs previously under the Sonoma Bio 7200 series.
To learn more about our partnership with Regeneron, read our Press Release.


An effector T Cell-modulating biologic for autoimmune diseases.

SBT-11-5301 is a biologic designed to eliminate highly activated effector T cells (Teff) that are dominant in autoimmune and inflammatory disease.

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Our Platform

Through achieving balance, we can possibly cure many autoimmune diseases.

Our team consists of industry leaders with numerous published works.