Our Concept

Restoring balance to the immune system is the key to unlocking the cure for autoimmune diseases.

Sonoma Bio is the only company addressing both sides of immune balance.

Scale Diagram

Calm the effector T cells

On the one side of the equation are overly activated effector T cells. This results in destroyed tissue and inflammation. We have a therapy designed to deplete and deactivate those highly activated Teffs at the site of disease.

Restore balance with the regulatory T cells

On the other side are the Tregs. We aim to use engineered regulatory T cell (Treg) therapies to restore the immune system’s own ability to regulate itself. This would result in an immune system that can protect itself from infection and disease, and avoid attacking healthy tissue, restoring balance and long-term health.

How this approach differs from T cell therapies for cancer

Other types of cell therapy use reengineered effector T cells to recognize and attack particular cells. This is more common in cancer treatments so that implanted CAR Teffs attack and kill a tumor or specific cancer cells.

Our approach is about calming the immune response and then restoring balance. Our engineered regulatory T cells are designed to reset the immune system, so it directs the Teffs to fight infection but not the body itself.

We are focusing initially on Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hidradenitis suppurativa, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.