By balancing the immune system, our platform is designed to cure autoimmune disease.

Our platform is built on decades of research by our founders, who are pioneers in Treg biology and cell therapy. Our method of balancing the immune system can ultimately be applied to cure numerous disease states. The core is engineering Tregs to specifically regulate the body’s immune response through five pillars.

Selection and Expansion

It starts with the right cell. We start with natural Tregs and engineer them. Once the right Treg is identified, it needs to be isolated, engineered, and then expanded to a sufficient quantity to affect the immune system when reintroduced to the patient.


The Treg needs to be properly engineered to target a specific need and signal the Teff cells to perform correctly.


Our goal is a one-time treatment. To achieve that, the Tregs need to maximize their anti-inflammatory abilities and facilitate needed tissue repair.


An effective engineered Treg needs to maintain its reengineering so it can continue to act and perform correctly to maintain proper balance of the immune system.


Lastly, we need to make sure our engineered Tregs are traveling to and staying in the right places in the body. As an additional safety measure, our therapies will have tag functionality for monitoring and isolating the product after dosing.

These pillars can be refined and retuned to address the specific needs of a wide variety of autoimmune and inflammatory disease states.

We are applying our approach to combat specific disease states.