We’re addressing the root cause of disease.

Our approach to treating and possibly curing autoimmune and inflammatory diseases is based on restoring balance to the body’s immune system through engineered regulatory T cells (Tregs).

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Tregs act as sentinels that survey the body for unwanted immune attacks and rebalance the immune system. Treg therapies possess multiple therapeutic effects, within a single medicine, helping overcome the multifaceted nature of autoimmune and inflammatory disease.

The Autoimmune Problem

An unbalanced immune system can cause the body to attack its own tissues.

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Our Concept

By balancing the immune system, we can restore and maintain a healthy body.

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Disease States

We are initially focused on rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease with the ambition to apply our learnings to many other disease states.

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Our Science

We are developing therapies designed to impact both sides of the immune imbalance, with Treg cell therapeutics and a Teff modulating biologic.

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Our founders have published numerous peer-reviewed papers.

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Our proprietary manufacturing process produces robust yields of engineered Treg cells. We will be perfecting this process in our own manufacturing facility.

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Clinical Trials

We are pleased to announce that several of our product candidates have moved into clinical trials. This is a critical step in making our hope of finding a cure a reality.